10.29 (Sat) | Call for Participants for Time Trial of 10,000 Miniature Boats! | TENMASEN PROJECT 2023/Nihonbashi River

Application Period: 2023.10.14 - 2023.10.22

10.29 (Sun)   8:00–12:00
Nihonbashi River (Start: Under Tokiwa Bridge; Goal: In front of Nihonbashi Bridge)
Free *You can participate in the time trial by purchasing participation rights in advance (1,000 yen per miniature tenmasen boat).

One of the Linkages of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, "TENMASEN PROJECT 2023: Nihonbashi River," will have an event in which 10,000 miniature tenmasen boats slowly sail down the Nihonbashi River. For this event, we are looking for participants in a time trial using the miniature boats bearing a flag with the name of your choice in the form of a donation of 1,000 yen per unit.


"TENMASEN PROJECT 2023: Nihonbashi River" is a community art project in which 10,000 miniature tenmasen boats, each about 30 cm long and modeled after a wooden Japanese-style boat, are floated on the Nihonbashi River. The goal is set at Nihonbashi Bridge, and the miniature boats start from upstream all at once. In addition to eonjoying the view of floating boats, you can entry the time trial by one boat for every 1,000 yen donated. A portion of the registration fee will be used for river purification, waterside revitalization, cultural promotion, and the production of traditional tenmasen, in addition to the presentation of special commemorative gifts according to the order of arrival. The miniature boats are made from thinned cedar wood, which will be collected, cleaned, and reused after the event. For more information on the project, please also see here.


We are now inviting participants for this time trial in the form of registration for one miniature tenmasen boat for every 1,000 yen donated.


First photo: Nihonbashi River, Others : From "TENMASEN PROJECT 2021/Kanda River" at the Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021


From Registration to Event implementation

1. Purchase of tickets

Period: July 23 (Sun) to October 22 (Sun), 2023
You can participate in the time trial by purchasing an entry ticket from the website mentioned below. (You can register one boat per 1,000 yen, and multiple registrations are possible.

2. Name the boat

You can specify the name of the flag to be attached to your own miniature tenmasen boats (up to 10 characters). Please enter the name in the remarks column when registering. We are also looking for your thoughts on the Nihombashi River and the waterfront.

3. Receive event information

Notification will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when registering.

4. Time trial

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2023 *Postponed to November in case of inclement weather Time: Scheduled to start around 8:00 (to be adjusted) Start from upstream to downstream of the Nihonbashi River! The boats will proceed slowly, letting the river flow for 40 minutes to an hour. You can watch the event on site or via live-streaming. The live-streaming URL will be announced later on this website.

5. Time Trial ResultsAfter the finish, the running time of each boat will be published on the project website. The time will be measured by a measuring tag attached to each boat.
6. Commemorative gifts

After the event, locally-related souvenirs will be presented to each participant according to the order of arrival at the finish line.

*Participants will not receive the miniature tenmasen boat itself. The boats will be collected, cleaned and reused.




How to Register

You can register by clicking the button below.

We are also looking for large scale participation from organizations and companies.
Please contact us at the following address.

TENMASEN PROJECT 2023 Executive Committee


TENMASEN PROJECT 2023/Nihonbashi River

A community art project to rediscover the attraction of Tokyo's waterfront by floating 10,000 miniature wooden Japanese-style boats on the Nihonbashi River.