Join the Tokyo Biennale 2023 Summer Period!

Illustrations by Yuki Maeda
Tokyo Biennale is an international art festival held every two years in the city of Tokyo. The theme of 2023 is “Create Linkage.” There are various projects in which you can participate during the process of creation. If you participate during the summer period, you will be even more excited about the fall period, when the results will be on public display! Why don't you join us, by yourself or with your friends and family?
How Can I Participate?

The “Open Calls” and “Events” pages on this website are always up-to-date with the latest information. Please check it out! Also, please follow our social media accounts.
What Types of Participation Are Possible?

1. Participation in Art Creation

Performing, building, exhibition work, painting, design work, idea generation, etc. Various projects are always looking for your participation in art making. Those that allow you and your children to participate together may be perfect for free research during summer vacation.

2. Providing the Source of Art

Several projects are looking for clothing, tools, and various other items from your home. Please donate them. They will be reborn as part of the art project.

3. Workshops, Events, Performances, Tours, Exhibitions

Learn about art. Enjoy live performances and exhibitions. Rediscover the history and charm of Tokyo. Various projects will offer a wide variety of programs.
What Projects Are Underway?
Projects participating in the Tokyo Biennale 2023 can be found below. More will be added in the future.
We hope you will join the linkages created by each of these projects!