Guidebook with passport/tickets for special viewing venues is now available for reservation!

We are pleased to announce that reservations are now open for the special offers guidebook for Tokyo Biennale 2023!


Many of the programmes at Tokyo Biennale 2023 are free of charge, but due to the location and content of some of the special viewing venues and other programmes, there is a charge for them. This guidebook comes with a special passport (in guidebook special edition) or a choice of ticket (in guidebook standard edition) that allows you to enter these paid venues, and also includes discount coupons for paid events and merchandise purchases. The guidebook is also packed full of useful information, from information on the main programmes with maps of all areas to recommended routes. We hope you will purchase this booklet and enjoy the festival.


Guidebook with Admission Tickets and Discount Coupons!

  • Includes a passport for special viewing venues (special edition of the guidebook) or a selection of tickets (standard edition), plus discount coupons for paid events and goods.
  • A5 size, 32-page guidebook in both Japanese and English, with comprehensive information on the entire Biennale.
  • After the opening of the festival, the guidebooks can be purchased at each special viewing venue and at the respective information centers.
Special editionAdultStudent
  • Includes a passport that allows unlimited admission to all special viewing venues bellow for the festival period.
    Etoile Kaito Living Bldg., Toeizan Kan'ei-ji, Ebihara Shoten, Kao no Y-shirts
  • Includes discount coupons for paid events and goods (3 x ¥500).
Standard editionAdultStudent
  • Includes tickets for admission to the following special viewing venues (to be selected at the time of use).
    • Choice A. ① Etoile Kaito Living Building
    • Choice B. ② Toeizan Kan'ei-ji, ③ Ebihara Shoten, ④ Kao no Y-shirts
  • Includes discount coupons for paid events and goods (3 x ¥500).

(Tax included; Pre-sale price in parentheses)

  • Passport, tickets and coupons in the guidebooks are valid for the holder only.
  • The standard edition ticket is valid for one admission to each of the venues.
  • Unused coupons will not be redeemed for cash or refunded.
  • Student purchasers must present their student ID at the venues (online purchasers must present one at the time of exchange).


From left, Guidebook Special Edition (with Passport & Coupons), Guidebook Standard Edition (with Ticket & Coupons)


  1. Bonus Ticket
    • [Special Edition only] Passport for special viewing venues and discount coupons.
    • [Standard Edition only] Ticket for special viewing venue(s) and discount coupons.
  2. Map of the entire area
  3. Three recommended courses
  4. Map of each area and introduction to the programs
    • Yanaka・Uguisudani・Ueno・Okachimachi
    • Suidobashi・Jinbocho
    • Kanda・Yushima
    • Daimaruyu
    • Higashi-nihonbashi・Bakurocho
    • Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi, Ginza
    • Other areas
  5. Other Programs Information
  6. List of Information Centers