The Latest Press Release for Tokyo Biennale 2023

Today, June 20, 2023, we issued the latest press release for Tokyo Biennale 2023.

This year's Tokyo Biennale will be divided into summer and fall period. The summer period will be a time when visitors will be able to participate in various ways in each project, such as through open calls for proposals and progress reports (some exhibitions will also be held). The fall period will be a time when visitors can experience exhibits, events, performances, and other activities that have resulted from the activities of the summer session.

In the press release, we will provide the latest information on the biennale, as well as a list of "5 Noteworthy Projects to Participate in this Summer," including their contents and events planned for the summer period (currently in Japanese; an English version will be available soon).


「東京ビエンナーレ2023」がいよいよ開幕! この夏参加できる! 注目のプロジェクトへのご取材のお願い(PDF)