Songs of Tokyo|Timetable announced for 10/21 (Sat) at Tokyo Tower!

"Nomiya Maki, Tablet Jun, Nanchara Idol, Iraka Choir, DJ tokyo tower "C", Comoesta Yaegashi (DJ) × Tokyo Tower Foot Town Rooftop Tokyo Tower 65th Anniversary Celebration! An Evening Concert Where the Spirit of "Songs of Tokyo" Lights Up the Half Moon Sky"
We are pleased to announce the timetable for the concert, which will finally be held tomorrow, Saturday, the 21st!


Saturday, October 21

5:30 pm. Cómo está Yaegashi

6:20 pm. Tokyo Tower C

6:50 pm. Maki Nomiya

7:10 pm. Kenzo Saeki with Reiko Yuyama

7:40 pm. IRAKA CHOIR

8:10 pm. Nanchara Idle


Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the event. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink.
Please come to the venue.

Click here for tickets (available until the end of the concert on the day of the concert)


Songs of Tokyo

Tokyo's famous local songs will be performed by people who make their living singing in various ways in this city today, at places associated with each song.