Songs of Tokyo|Performance Details and Reservation Opening Announcement!

We are delighted to announce that the details of the performance programs for "Songs of Tokyo," one of the Linkages of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, have been announced and bookings are now open.

Songs of Tokyo is a performance program in which a number of "local songs" about Tokyo are sung by singers with a strong sense of song at locations in Tokyo that have a connection with the city. The project director is the writer and producer Reiko Yuyama, and unique musicians such as Maki Nomiya, Jun Tablet, Seiji Semenov, Ken Yokoyama (Crazy Ken Band), Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Miharu Koshi will perform a number of "Tokyo songs" in different locations. Please visit the special website to see the gorgeous and unique combination of songs, singers and places, and experience it for yourself. Book early to secure your place!





Songs of Tokyo

Tokyo's famous local songs will be performed by people who make their living singing in various ways in this city today, at places associated with each song.