From "me" to "us"
The city's creativity reawakens, a space for open experimentation

Cultural activity has the power to connect disparate things, and to draw each of us together. With Tokyo’s accumulation of wide-ranging values and individual lifestyles, it is becoming difficult for people to see the "where, who, and what" of their surroundings. While the single existence of "me" stands out, we cannot grasp the reality of our neighborhoods, our past and future, and all that goes into "us" living here today.

Yet in Tokyo, or even greater society, “anxieties” felt by anyone at any place or time surely cannot be subdued by the thoughts or existences of the “individual”. We believe that when the individual consciousness of “me” expands to form the overarching consciousness of “us”, then for the first time, we may reach the center of our problems, in turn leading to solutions.

“The Japan International Art Exhibition (Tokyo Biennale)” was an international exhibition held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno during the post-war reconstruction period. Among its continued years of exhibition, the 10th running in 1970 carrying the theme, “Between man and matter”, left a profound trace in the history of Japanese art. As half a century has passed, in a Tokyo where forms and methods of art have drastically changed, we seek to open the “Tokyo Biennale” in 2020 as a space to create and experiment with new frameworks.

Rather than an international event for the sake of art, through carefully taking in the cultural resources that dwell in the city and drawing out their possibilities, this is a framework for widening our consciousness and creative activities from “me” to “us”. Therefore, we not only call for artists to participate, as we take on an approach from all directions including art, design, architecture, town planning, and more.

Tokyo Biennale Citizens Committee Joint Representatives
Kazuko Koike (Creative Director)
Masato Nakamura (Artist)


All projects are in the making towards the Tokyo Biennale of 2020. We will continue to post updates on the process of projects being created in order to share with you the founding of new frameworks and structures.




  • 「『水』がひらく、東京の可能性 ーアートを通じて巡り会う水都・江戸と東京ー」
    陣内秀信 × 四方幸子 × 中村政人 × 阿部彰 × 夏目守康 × 服部充代


  • 「東京の地場と気配とデザイン」
    大原大次郎 × セキユリヲ × 田中義久 × 原田祐馬 × 佐藤直樹


  • 「Powwow/47 東京ビエンナーレのはじめ方」

  • 「公共空間をシェアする」
    馬場正尊 × 竹内昌義


  • 「Artificial intelligence ∞ Artists ∞ Artificial life」


  • 「東京文化資源区の観点から『東京ビエンナーレ』を考える」
    栗生はるか × 椎原晶子 × 道明葵一郎 × 柳 与志夫 × 吉見俊哉 × 中村政人

  • 「共同代表が語る WHY Tokyo Biennale?」
    小池一子 × 中村政人 × 渡部葉子

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    「東京ビエンナーレ第4回企画会議 1/3」

  • 「東京ビエンナーレ第4回企画会議 2/3」

  • 「東京ビエンナーレ第4回企画会議 3/3」

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