A Wall Atlas of Drawings


A Wall Atlas of Drawings

Photo by Trevor Smith



Higashi-nihonbashi・Bakurocho Area


For Shelagh Keeley, the drawing process is about slowness.
It is highly intuitive, expanding notions of conceptual art involving the body, gesture and instinctive intelligence.


A wall atlas for thinking with the body.
Materialized knowledge - the wisdom and beauty of the body
and its language of gestures.


In Keeley’s own words:

I re-claim space through gesture…re-thinking drawing
in a filmic, poetic and choreographic sense.
Gestures of the body / gestures of the site.

Poetics of the void …the unfinished and imperfect.
The poetics of chance and the beauty of randomness.
Random traces and possibilities for linkages.


For this biennale, Keeley will be creating a cognitive drawing map of her experiences in Bakurocho, a wholesale district in Tokyo, researching the rich history of textiles.



September 6–27Artist stays in Tokyo for research and production
September 23 – November 5Exhibition of results


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