Free Seat [Social Dive Projects]


Free Seat [Social Dive Projects]

Pedro Carneiro Silva + Ardalan Aram , Free Seat – Encounter, 2018, Frankfurter Tor – Berlin. Photo by Ardalan Aram



Higashi-nihonbashi・Bakurocho Area



To be held at multiple locations in Tokyo during the fall period.


A keyboard and an empty chair with headphones are placed in an urban space. A song is created in the moment for every person who takes a seat. This performance piece is an invitation to stop for a moment and dive into another realm within the public space. No explanation, no rules and no expectations are set, just a moment of encounter through music.


“Free Seat” is a collaboration between the Brazilian musician Pedro Carneiro Silva and the Iranian/German conceptual artist & filmmaker Ardalan Aram.


By promoting random encounters, the project seeks to act in the daily life of the city and raise questions about human relations through art. The participant, by overcoming the natural distrust of what is being offered to him and joining the proposal to take a seat, goes from the role of a spectator to co-author of the creation process, insofar as his attitude directly influences the music that is created in the moment.




Performance and presentation of video work in Tokyo, talk events, etc.


SOCIAL DIVE: Artist-in-Residence Projects

For the SOCIAL DIVE Artist in Residence Projects, an open call program that was held in the previous Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021, twelve overseas artists were selected from over 1,535 applications. However, the projects of seven of those artists were postponed due to the effects of the coronavirus.

For Tokyo Biennale 2023, we plan to invite the artists who were unable to come to Japan to present their works. The artists will “dive” into various areas of the Tokyo cityscape, observe the charm of people who live and gather there, and generate new values. While interacting with society, the artists will come to reveal various connections latent in the city. These connections may offer unexpected perspectives for those who live and work in Japan today, or viewpoints that are all too familiar for its inhabitants to notice.



September 8 – October 8Artist stays in Tokyo for performance and video production
September 23 – November 5Exhibition of results


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