The Picnic Chronicles Test


The Picnic Chronicles Test




COREDO Muromachi 3 B1F


The Picnic Chronicles Test
Q1) Who and what is your current job for? Q2) What would you do if it were you?

In the coming “picnic era,” companies will be questioned about what they exist and operate for.
Will people be able to establish their own value when the global environment, declining birthrates, and the rise of AI and robots reduce the amount of time people spend at work to about three days a week, and the priority of work in their lives is greatly reduced?
There is no mission, no goal, no winners or losers in a picnic, only a field, you, and others.
The era of dependence will transition to an era of self-reliance. At once a hell and a paradise.
Will you be invited to the picnic?
The “Picnic Era” Proficiency Test is your ticket to the paradise that is the picnic.



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