Tokyo Dome City Art Project


Tokyo Dome City Art Project

[Reference image] Mai Endo, "Attractively Idling," Photo by Eiki Mori




Passages, hotels, commercial facilities, etc. within Tokyo Dome City


Since its establishment in 1936, Tokyo Dome City has created many forms of leisure and entertainment, attracting approximately 40 million visitors annually (in FY2019), and has become an open city where the ordinary and the extraordinary intersect. We will build linkages based on the spatial factors within Tokyo Dome City, where history, culture, and many visitors intersect.



Co-creation of various art projects ranging from support for young artists to art workshops with local residents. We will innovate the spatial resources within Tokyo Dome City as cultural and artistic resources.


  1. Research and study of Tokyo Dome City
  2. Creation of opportunities for people to experience real art close at hand
  3. Nurture up-and-coming artists and create opportunities for them to present their works


This project is being developed for a five-year period starting in May 2022. In the year of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, the art wall connecting Gallery AaMo and Exit A3 of Suidobashi Station will be used to exhibit works by emerging artists, continuing the activities of the previous year. Following Rintaro Takahashi, the first participating artist, Mai Endo will begin exhibiting her works in the summer of 2023. Preparations will also begin for the opening of artworks in 2024 in three other spaces: the underground passageway from Tokyo Dome City to Koishikawa Korakuen, the atrium of food and community space " Hi!EVERYVALLEY,” and the glass surface of the multifunctional Prism Hall.



–End of JulyRintaro Takahashi's exhibition "Radius harps / After a typhoon"
Early JuneCall for cooperators for the production of Mai Endo's works
Mid-JulyWorkshop and performance for collaborators
AugustStart of exhibition
SeptemberWorkshops held

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