Longing, Long Notes, Belonging | Call for Performer of Video Work!

Application Period: 2023.7.8 - 2023.7.13

*This application has been closed due to reaching capacity. Thank you very much to everyone who applied. We will keep you posted on our progress through this website.


Singapore-based artist Kray Chen invites you to participate in a video work he will produce for Tokyo Biennale 2023.

The artist will be staying Tokyo this summer, and inviting individuals who were involved in music activities as a group when they were students and create a video work in which they will shout out their memories and emotions from those days. Therefore, we are looking for people who will perform in the video work. The work will be exhibited during the fall period of the Biennale.


Film Production Period

Three days between July 31 and August 3, 2023 (schedule to be adjusted)


Number of Applicants

1 person

*Several people will perform, including person selected through this call.



10,000JPY for 3 days


About the Work

We are looking for people of all ages, regardless of musical genre, who played rock, jazz, brass band, etc. as a group during their school days. They will be asked to shout at the camera or generate a slightly longer vocal sound to express their feelings and longing for memories of their musical activities.


[Reference] Kray Chen, A Parade for the Paraders, 2018 (see excerpt video here).
*This is not the work that will be produced this time.


Application Requirements

People who were active in music as students, and who are interested in or want to study filmmaking and performance, art and the work of the artist, we encourage you to apply!

  1. Any musical genre, but those who have played music in groups such as rock, jazz, brass band, etc. during their school years.
  2. A wide age range, from 20s to 80s, as different ages are more interesting in terms of visuals and voice.
  3. You must not be a professional musician. Those who have graduated from high school or university and have left the study of music.
  4. Must be able to participate in the three days of filming.


How to Apply

Please send your application with the required information to the following e-mail address.

E-mail address: (person in charge: Yoshioka)
Subject: Application | Performer of "Longing, Long Notes, Belonging"
Required information: (1) Your name, (2) Contact details (telephone number and email address), (3) Age, (4) A brief self-introduction (e.g., your musical activities as a student, current job, etc.).

*Please provide an address where we can contact you easily on a daily basis. We may contact the email address in (2) above regarding future schedules for filming.


Long Notes [Social Dive Projects]

People who played music with their peers during their school days shout out their feelings about those memories. A video work that makes us think about the concept of social cohesion.