"Relations: A Project of Critique and Media Practice" was relaunched!

Relations: A Project of Critique and Media Practice, which was launched as one of the projects in the previous Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021, has been re-launched for the Tokyo Biennale 2023!

This project, directed by sociologist Yoshitaka Mōri, aims to consider the nature of criticism and media in the age of digitalization and globalization, with a focus on the web and social media, and at the same time to put them into practice.

If the previous project was the first phase, this year's "Relations," the second phase, is characterized by its approach to new forms of criticism in audio media formats, such as dialogues and roundtable discussions (plus text transcriptions), which are different from long-form text articles. The first "Relations Talk," which will serve as the beginning of this series, will be a dialogue between Director Mōri and artist Yoshio Shirakawa, who will reflect on today's issues in art criticism. We invite you to experience it in your favorite media: audio and text (currently "Relations Talk" is only available in Japanese; click here for the statement of the relaunch in English).


Relations: A Project of Critique and Media Practice

Relations: A Project of Criticism and Media Practice


RELATIONS: A Project of Critique and Media Practice

Considering the possibilities of art criticism and media practices in the space of web and social media