Slow Art Collective Tokyo | Call for Members

Application Period: 2023.10.21 - 2023.11.5

Tokyo Biennale 2023 is looking for members to work together on the "Slow Art Collective Tokyo" project.

This is a participatory art project in which the Slow Art Collective, an Australian art collective, will stay in Otemachi, Tokyo, and collaborate with citizens, children, students, and workers in the area to create an installation. Anyone who is interested in the activities of the Art Collective is welcome to participate. We welcome applications from anyone who is interested in "loosely connecting life and art," anyone interested in participatory artwork, anyone who is good at construction, who speaks English, who would like to experience a workshop, and who would like to make new connections.

All participating members will learn the Slow Art Collective's methods through interaction with artists and work together as art communicators to create a project for presentation at the Tokyo Biennale 2023's fall period (exhibition of results). We look forward to your participation!


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers for Production
Thursday 7 - Monday 18 September 2023
We are looking for volunteers to help to create artworks. Volunteers will thread on the structure of artwork, make bamboo hula-hoops and etc working with artists and other participants.

Tuesday 19 September - Sunday 5 November 2023
We are looking for people who have an open mind and an understanding of the Slow Art Collective's approach, and who can work with visitors to create artworks together.

Working conditions

Volunteers (free of charge).
Registration as a volunteer for Tokyo Biennale 2023 is required to be covered by insurance for work, etc.

How to Apply

Please send the following information to the following application email address.

(1) your name, (2) contact information (phone number and email address), (3) your age, and (4) a brief motivation for your application.

*Please provide an email address where you can be easily contacted on a daily basis. We may contact you regarding future dates etc.

Contact for applications and enquiries

Tokyo Biennale 2023 Secretariat

We are planning to hold a briefing session "All Together Now! Slow Art Collective Tokyo!” in late June. Details will be posted on this site later.




Chako Kato and Dylan Martorell of the Slow Art Collective at "Tokyo Biennial Beginning Exhibition," Tokyo Sankei Building, Otemachi

, 2022


Slow Art Collective Tokyo at the "Tokyo Biennial 2023 Beginning Exhibition," Tokyo Sankei Building, Otemachi, 2022. Participants worked together to create a large-scale installation using natural materials such as bamboo and rope.


Slow Art Collective Tokyo at the "Tokyo Biennial 2023 Beginning Exhibition," Tokyo Sankei Building, Otemachi, 2022. People on the street joined in an artistic place where anyone can participate, creating an outdoor installation of colorful ropes and strings spreading organically.


A scene of “Slow Art Collective Tokyo,” Tokyo Sankei Building, 2022. Tokyo Biennale 2023 Beginning Exhibition


Slow Art Collective Tokyo

With the theme of sustainability and multicultural coexistence, creating a space for slow art in which everyone can participate, using natural materials and materials found in the city.