10.28 (Sat) Let’s Talk With a Building. Not Lost Tokyo Interactive Art Event “Talking Building”

Application Period: 2023.10.23 - 2023.10.28

10.28(Sat) 13:00-15:00 *Postponed in case of inclement weather
Naganoya Building (3-35-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku) (In front of the southeast exit of Shinjuku Station)
Free, no reservation required

"Talking Building" is an interactive art set in Shinjuku. On an outdoor vision screen installed in a building in Shinjuku, the windows and walls of that building appear like faces, and when participants speak into the microphone, the building speaks about the history of the nearby city. Thinking that the forgotten memories of Tokyo are hidden in a large-scale language model, we will use ChatGPT for conversations in the "Talking Building." This is a revolutionary challenge in which outdoor vision is integrated with buildings and AI to talk to people.

This event will be held as a collaboration between the "Not Lost Tokyo" project, one of the linkages of the Tokyo Biennale, and LIVE BOARD. "Not Lost Tokyo" attempts to pass on the disappearing memories and scenery of Tokyo to the next generation through various methods such as words, photographs, 3D models, and AI.

This work was inspired by Yusuke Shigeta's "Yanaka Town Ghost Stories'' (2009), which tells the history of Yanaka's buildings.

Vision provided by LIVE BOARD
Planning and programming: Susumu Namikawa
Support: Pyramid Film Quadra
Inspired by Yusuke Shigeta “Yanaka Town Ghost Stories”


Not Lost Tokyo

An art project that explores the possibility of converting the data of Tokyo's disappearing buildings into a new form of reality.