Regular Briefing Session of the Tokyo Biennale Citizens Committee Was Held.

Photo by Masanori Ikeda

On June 28 (Wed), the Tokyo Biennale Citizens Committee held its regular meeting at DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi.

The Tokyo Biennale is an international art festival created by citizens, and the Citizens Committee was formed by people who live and work in the host area and experts, with the aim of creating an art festival together while making use of the cultural resources the city has to offer.

This regular briefing was held just before the summer period of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, which begins in July. In addition to members of the citizen committee, supporting members who support the operation and implementation of the Tokyo Biennale, participating artists and project members, and directors of the biennale gathered at the venue, making for a lively meeting with a total of nearly 60 participants.

The briefing began with an address by Min Nishihara, general director of Tokyo Biennale 2023, and an explanation of the biennale plan, followed by explanations of more than 30 Linkages (projects) by artists and key members. Although the proceedings were rushed, the content of each of the presentations was highly anticipatory of future developments. The event closed with an address by artist Masato Nakamura, Joint Representatives of the Citizens Committee and co-general director of the biennale along with Nishihara. The participants had a chance to catch up with each other during the reception that followed.


The Tokyo Biennale 2023 is now underway, and during the summer period from July to September, we will be calling for applications for each project, holding explanatory meetings, and related events as needed. We hope that you will check this website and our social media accounts for the latest information, and that this will be the beginning of a linkage for you.