Learning by Walking YANAKA


Learning by Walking YANAKA




Area from Ueno-sakuragi to Yanaka, Future Standard Laboratory, Denchu Hirakushi House and Atelier, ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture Street


“Learning by Walking YANAKA” will approach the history and culture of Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, and its surrounding area with a contemporary art approach. Yanaka is a town that has long welcomed culture and art and nurtured them by its citizens. A learning program that connects visitors to the various elements that make up the charm of Yanaka and the mysterious tolerance of this town.



  1. Talk shows that look back at how the relationship between art and the community has been created in the Yanaka area.
  2. Screening of images of Yanaka's streetscape in the past (lantern show).
  3. The Yanaka Radio, an intra-community broadcast of topical talks.
  4. Zoo evacuation drill: Artist/photographer Natsuki Kuroda conceived this year's event as the 100th anniversary of the Great Kanto earthquake, and in light of the importance of disaster drills to Yanaka, will screen a video related to the zoo's evacuation drill at the time of an earthquake and hold a workshop on “crisis in the city.”


Min Nishihara (curator [director]), Miwako Ishikawa (dye artist [coordinator]), Akiko Shiihara (area planner), Natsuki Kuroda (artist). Other organizations include art-Link Ueno-Yanaka, Yanaka no Okatte, NPO Taito Cultural and Historical Society, and Future Standard Laboratory. We will also ask neighborhood associations, art spaces, galleries, craft stores, restaurants, and others within the community to participate.

* [ ] are roles in this project.

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