[This Week’s TB2023] Rediscover a Tokyo You Don’t Know Yet, Kanda・Yushima / Don’t Miss Out on Valuable Tours and Talks!

"Slow Art Collective : Window Garden" at Niwa Hotel Tokyo ( Suidobashi・Jinbocho area)



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This Week's Pick up


Masato Nakamura and others "We Are 'Kao no Waishatsu' (Face-Brand Shirts)"

1. Rediscover a Tokyo You Don’t Know Yet, Kanda・Yushima

The Kanda and Yushima areas of Tokyo, where old and new coexist in various forms. The "Pabrobe 100 Years of Clothing" project by Yoshinari Nishio and others opened a "Clothes Library" at the Ebihara Shoten, which was built during the reconstruction period of the Great Kanto Earthquake, inviting a wide range of outfits worn over the past century. Try on the clothes you are interested in and you may experience a transcendence of time and space. At the "Kao no Y-Shirts," which was famous for its large signboard with a shaved head, "We are 'Kao no Waishatsu' (Face-Brand Shirts)" by Masato Nakamura and others is currently being developed in a former shop building, in which this "face (kao)" is being reproduced and inherited in various ways. A "Face' look-alike contest " will be also held. Michael Hornblow: from New Zealand is currently working on a combination of community research and performances at the Mansebashi viaduct regeneration facility, where there used to be a station. Please take this opportunity to experience art while imagining history and the future. Tours led by General Director Nakamura are also recommended!



Illustration by Yuki Maeda.

2. Don’t Miss Out on Valuable Tours and Talks!

The second half of the TB 2023 Fall Period is now in full swing, with a number of noteworthy events. This weekend, the unique competition "Min Tanaka and Kyotaro Yanagiya : Ba-Odori and Ba-Rakugo" will be realised at Kan-eiji Temple's Kaisando in Ueno Park, and the highlight of "Songs of Tokyo" will arrive with Nomiya Maki singing her famous song at Tokyo Tower. In the Daimaruyu area, the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum's popular "City and Museum" program includes a special "Daimaruyu Art Action" tour and talk both by chief curator Reiichi Noguchi. In addition, there will be a rare tour of the Kan'ei-ji with the temple's steward, Ryogaku Ishikawa, a symposium on the earthquake and art, and an international symposium by the critical media project RELATIONS. The "TENMASEN Project 2023/Nihonbashi River," with 10,000 miniature boats floating in Tokyo, will also be taking place soon, with applications for participants being accepted until Sunday 22 October!


This Week's Exhibitions


My-Linh Le, "Cypher II" performance, Kiyomizu Kannondo Hall, Toeizan Kan-eiji, October 2023.


My-Linh Le's performance video "Cypher II" joined at Kan-eiji Temple exhibitions on Sunday 15 October. The dancers' mystical performance video in the Kiyomizu Kannondo hall of Kan-eiji Temple, known for its "Pine Tree of the Moon," is a must-see! On the same day, the collaborative program "Slow Art Collective: Window Garden" also started. In addition, the collaborative program "Legal Occupation" by Tokyo University of the Arts Mural Painting Laboratory 1 will start on 19 (Thu) at the former company dormitory near the Etoile Kaito Living Building venue. It starts as an open studio, with the second half becoming an exhibition. Please check the opening times and closing days of each venue before visiting.

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Lots of Attractive Events!

Of the following programs, talk events and workshops/tours are generally conducted in Japanese, except where there is a note about the corresponding language.


2023.10.16 (Mon)
Michael Hornblow: Why is the River Laughing? | Creative Development / Open ShowingJAPAN ART BRIDGE11:00–20:00Free
The Kappa teahouse that appears and disappears in the town offer a cup of tea and hospitality to you.

Around Etoile Kaoti Living Bldg.

Songs of Tokyo | Saito Neonsign at Boogie WoogieBoogie Woogie (Ginza)19:00–20:00¥3,300
2023.10.17 (Tue)
Michael Hornblow: Why is the River Laughing? | Creative Development / Open ShowingJAPAN ART BRIDGE11:00–20:00Free
Songs of Tokyo | Shimako Iwai at Secret VenueSecret (ticket purchasers notified)20:00–21:00¥6,600
2023.10.18 (Wed)
Michael Hornblow: Why is the River Laughing? | Creative Development / Open ShowingJAPAN ART BRIDGE11:00–20:00Free
2023.10.19 (Thu)
Michael Hornblow: Why is the River Laughing? | Creative Development / Open ShowingJAPAN ART BRIDGE11:00–20:00Free

Special Event with Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum: "City and Museum" Special Talk—Growing Art Project

3×3 Lab Future18:30–20:00¥1,000 (reservation required)

TOKYO ART FARM | SPECIAL TALK: Co-creation of Human and Nature–The Possibilities of Sound Art


2023.10.20 (Fri)

Special Tour with Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum | City and Museum: Tokyo Biennale 2023 "Daimaruyu Art Action" (Guide: Reiichi Noguchi)

Meet at Marunouchi Terrace

13:00–15:00¥1,500 (reservation required)
ArTeas' Art Appreciation Program: Dive into the World of Naoki SatoEtoile Kaito Living Bldg.17:45–19:00¥1,000
Songs of Tokyo | Mari Kodama at Kuro-chanKuro-chan (Asakusa)19:00–20:00¥3,300
2023.10.21 (Sat)
Learning by Walking YANAKA: Special Program "Min Tanaka and Kyotaro Yanagiya: Ba-odori and Ba-rakugo"Kan'ei-ji Temple Kaisando-do Hall1st: 12:00–13:00
2nd: 14:30–15:30

Weaving the Nihonbashi Area with Sound | MSCTY Radio Tokyo

Broadcast from MSCTY Center

Songs of Tokyo | Yutaka Kawashima at Kaeru tachiKaeru tachi (Ginza)17:30–18:15¥3,300 (reservation required)
Songs of Tokyo | Maki Nomiya, Tabket Jun and Others at Tokyo Tower Foot TownRooftop of Tokyo Tower Foot Town17:30–21:00¥6,600
2023.10.22 (Sun)

Workshop with Nobuho Nagasawa(HEART Booking – Connecting the Mind and Art with Books)


13:30– (about two hours)¥1,000 (reservation required)
With one drink
ArTeas' Art Appreciation Program: Walking with the Senses—Toeizan Kan'ei-ji TempleToeizan Kan'ei-ji1st: 11:00–12:30
2nd: 14:30–16:00
HEART Booking: Connecting the Heart and Art with Books | WorkshopYubido13:30–¥1,000 (with one drink)
Songs of Tokyo | Kuneko Mayoimichi and Shigeru Yoshino (Chindon Yoshino) at Nabesan

Nabesan (Shinjuku Golden-gai)

Songs of Tokyo | Seiji Semenov at Gallery Paichu

Gallery Paichu




Guidebook with Special Passport/Tickets Are Available

Many of the programs at Tokyo Biennale 2023 can be experienced free of charge, but some programs, such as the special viewing venues, require a fee due to their location and content. This guidebook comes with a special passport (special edition only) or a choice of tickets (standard edition only) for admission to these fee-paying venues, and also includes discount coupons for fee-paying events and merchandise purchases. The guidebook is also packed full of useful information, from information on the main programs with maps of all areas to recommended routes. We hope you enjoy the Festival with it.



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