Article 1

The following regulations are pursuant in Article 6-1, item 2 of the statutes of the General Non-Profit Incorporated Organization Tokyo Biennale (hereinafter referred to as “The Organization”) .

[Conditions of Membership]

Article 2

To become a member of The Organization, you must satisfy the following all conditions.

  1. The member should agree of the purpose of The Organization and correspond to its statutes.
  2. In the case of a former member of The Organization joining once more, this individual must have not been removed in the past and must not have any unpaid membership fee.
  3. The member shall be an individual or group at the age of eighteen years or above that understands our basic policy and approves of The Organization.
  4. The member should not be one whose purpose of business is political, or religious.
  5. The member must not be a member of an Organized Crime Group as stipulated in the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for Eliminating Organized Crime Groups (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance No. 54 of March 2011) and must not have close relationships with any Organized Crime Group.

Supplementary Provision
This regulation shall be enforced from November 1, 2018.