■ 2018年秋開催「WHY Tokyo Biennale? 東京ビエンナーレ2020構想展」はこちらをご覧ください。

“The Japan International Art Exhibition (Tokyo Biennale)” was an exhibition opened in Tokyo’s Ueno area that started in 1952. Within its continuous years, the theme carried in 1970 for its 10th running, “Between man and matter”, left a profound trace in the history of art.

In today’s Tokyo, where we find the continued diversification of artforms, this exhibition proposes the creation of a “Tokyo Biennale” for tomorrow’s era. This idea led to the set-up of the “Tokyo Biennale Citizens Committee” working towards the launch of the “Tokyo Biennale” in the year 2020. The committee has gathered directors at the forefront of wide-ranging fields that include art, architecture, fashion, community design, entertainment, and more, who are in collaboration with area directors serving as vital bridges between the localities encompassed by this plan.
This is not an international event for the sake of art, it is a framework for carefully taking in the cultural resources that dwell in the city and bringing out their possibilities, which will widen our sense of “me” into a consciousness and creativity that encompasses “us”.

■ Exhibition held in Autumn,2018”WHY Tokyo Biennale? Visions for 2020”