Jewelry and the Town: Learning


Jewelry and the Town: Learning




Okachimachi (Ueno and Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo), Jewelry and precious metal stores/companies, public facilities, and others in the Okachimachi area.


Under the theme of Create Linkage, this project, calls for the “creation of connections through jewelry.” The first step in the linkage process is to create horizontal connections through encounters between the client and the people in the town or store. Then, if the client comes to us with a request to make a pendant out of a ring that was a memento of his grandmother’s, for example, we will discover vertical linkages. It is a linkage of people who wish for a better life and a better society.




This project aims to rediscover and re-create jewelry, the most familiar creation to human beings. We will visit specialty stores and craftsmen in Okachimachi and Sotokanda to learn about the diversity of precious metals and gemstones. We will take old trinkets that have been lying dormant at home and transform them into contemporary accessories. Incorporating ideas from professionals and their assistants and via related cultural courses participants themselves will act, learn, and enjoy the project. The activities will progress in stages from spring to fall of 2023 and will be exhibited and presented at the Tokyo Biennale 2023.



February 11Pre-briefing session via onlineEntry starts.
March 5 Entry deadline
Mid-March Participants decided.
March 22Workshop 1Guidance and walk on Okachimachi
April 22Workshop 2Design Consultation (1), classroom lecture
Lecturer: Akira Minagawa (minä perhonen)
May 20Workshop 3Design Consultation (2)
June 10Workshop 4Requests to craftsmen
Summer vacation periodVarious programsPreparation for exhibition at Tokyo Biennale 2023
Late SeptemberPublic Talk Event 
September 16Workshop 5Jewelry completion and critique session

Exhibition at Tokyo Biennale 2023 (Fall Period)
Venue: Noga Hotel Ueno Tokyo


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Kazuko Koike (creative director), Aki Ichiriki (tutor), Satoshi Iwama (coordinator), Tokito Sugiura (assistant director), Kazuyuki Hashimoto (project partner), Sunao Maruyama (project partner), Ryosuke Imamura, Madoka Goto, Taehyun Park, Nemuri Fukushima, Hikaru Yamamoto (the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts)

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