Katsuhiko Hibino, ALL TOGETHER NOW (Transforming box series), 2022. Installation view at "Tokyo Biennale 2023 Beginning Exhibition," Toeizan Kan’ei-ji, Tokyo, 2022. Photo by Yuka Ikenoya (Yukai)




Toeizan Kan’ei-ji


I would like to convey the linkage view that although one person's time is limited, the linkage of each individual creates a perpetual flow of time.


For the "Tokyo Biennale 2023 Beginning Exhibition" in 2022, I delivered 15 cardboard boxes to the garden of Toeizan Kan’ei-ji, the Tokugawa family temple, and positioned them in the garden as if they were the personalities of all 15 Tokugawa shoguns (their shapes symbolizing their physical transformation), creating a linkage between the past and the present. This year, the transformed cardboard boxes will reappear in the garden and exist simultaneously in a VR space, attempting to link the real space with the imaginary space, thereby creating a linkage to a time without form.

——Katsuhiko Hibino


Toeizan Kan'ei-ji

Toeizan Kan'ei-ji was built in 1625 on an elevated area in Ueno, located to the northeast of Edo Castle, to pray for the safety of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the peace of all people. The 400th anniversary of the temple's construction will soon be celebrated in 2025. On this occasion, the temple aims to fulfill its role as an open temple, and in collaboration with the nearby Tokyo University of the Arts, it will open its precincts as a place for education, research, and presentations by students and faculty. It creates a linkage as a place, and by being aware of the linkage to historical times, which cannot be separated from the place of the present. This will be a linkage between the present and the future. The Tokyo Biennale will also create diverse links from the expressive activities pursued by each art project and disseminate them internationally.


Katsuhiko Hibino (artist), the weather that changes the garden at Toeizan Kan’ei-ji (sun, rain, wind, temperature, humidity, etc.) , the time of day and night, the people who tend and care for the garden, and the insects and other creatures in the garden.

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