Prescription for Tokyo


Prescription for Tokyo

Wantanee Siripattananuntakul, Everyone is, 2017, from the "Beuys (African Gray Parrot)Art Project"







Higashi-nihonbashi・Bakurocho Area

Various locations in Tokyo


Prescription for Tokyo is a Linkage comprising invited artists who are deepening their efforts in each respective themes. They will present a perspective or framing of Tokyo based on their own worldview through their works. The project will be held at various venues in Tokyo, and will be implemented as a connected project for Tokyo that will become cultural “prescription” for society’s recovery, overcoming various divisions that stretch across the world today.


Natsuki Kuroda, who creates photography and video works, looks at the adjacent crises of everyday life and, through "zoo escape drills," calls attention to the time when we will one day encounter them. Kayako Nakashima, who uses houses and walls to create experiences of "difficulty in mutual understanding," will create a practical work about being considerate and trying to transcend walls, using The Yellow Wallpaper, considered a representative literary work of early feminism, as a motif. Wantanee Siripattananuntakul (Thailand) quietly brings social issues to light in a variety of ways, including video, performance, and soundscape. She will be collaborating with Qenji Yoshida on a performance and production for Tokyo. Noah Latif Lamp (Surinam / The Netherlands) will present a work using Goga-sha (Ganges sands), which speaks of the grandeur of the Buddhist worldview, at Kan'ei-ji Temple. Charlotte de Cock (Belgium) will paint a mural with a strong message on the exterior wall of an office building. My-Linh Le (USA), a dancer and choreographer herself, will perform an original dance after researching Tokyo.



April–JuneParticipating artists and curators will engage in a series of dialogues to share their concepts and determine the works to be exhibited.
June–AugustEach artist's project will be created and developed in the place where they live.
Late August–SeptemberAdditional production and installation of artworks in Tokyo with the artist's visit to Japan, performances, events, etc,
Late September

Fall period: Exhibition


Curator: Min Nishihara

Artists: My-Linh Le, Noah Latif Lamp, Wantanee Siripattananuntaku + Qenji Yoshida, Charlotte de Cock, Natsuki Kuroda, Kayako Nakashima

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