• O JUN

    Painter. Born 1956 in Tokyo. Prefers to draw with pencil and crayon on paper. He is not good at oil on canvas. However, the interesting thing about painting is that you can see a lot of things when you look at a painting, regardless of whether you like it or not, so he paints both. If he were to judge only by good or bad paintings, he would have stopped being a painter long ago.

  • Artist. Born 1981 in Gunma. Lives and works in Akita. Recent major exhibitions include "Aichi Triennale 2022" (Tokoname, Aichi, 2022), "Yamagata Biennale 2022" (Bunshokan, Yamagata, 2022), "Setouchi Triennale 2022" (Tadotsu, Kagawa, 2022), "VOCA 2021" (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2021) and others. Awards received include the Jomo Art and Culture Award (2022), VOCA Award (2021), Tokyo Midtown Award for Excellence (2015), and LUMINE meets ART AWARD Second Grand Prix (2014).

  • Odekrom stems out of a curious chat and a fascination to work with another. Clare Ghigo (mezzo soprano) and Joseph Calleja (visual artist) started this chat informally in the early months of 2019, when Clare approached Joseph with an interesting proposal to start a collaboration towards the anniversary of the Theresienstadt Ghetto. In return Joseph suggested to Clare to start exploring each other’s vocabulary by making a work for a project initiated by Lateral Lab called Ways of Thinking for the Tokyo Olympiad 2020. During this initial phase they developed an audio visual approach to their collaborations. Their first two collaborative pieces have attracted support from Lateral Lab, Creative Scotland, British Council, and Arts Council Malta.

    Clare Ghigo is an accomplished mezzo-soprano and opera director, known for her exceptional talent and versatility in both classical and contemporary works. Beyond her operatic performances, Clare’s artistry extends to directing projects, including notable works such as Ullmann’s Der Kaiser von Atlantis, Gawhar Misjub, a collection of forgotten Maltese works, and her recent assistance to Caroline Staunton on Wagner’s Walküre.

    Joseph Calleja is a visual artist who relishes the process of negotiation and interdependence between the essential and the liminal in art practice. His collaborations evidence a skilled multidisciplinary approach to his engagements. His work has been the subject of numerous awards and recognition by bodies such as Saatchi, Channel4, RA, RSA, ACM and artists such as Katie Paterson and Tacita Dean.

  • Photo by Ben Matsunaga
    Photo by Ben Matsunaga
    Atsuo Ogawa

    Born in Kanagawa in 1969 and lives there. While sticking to drawing by hand, he lets the line go its own way...repetition, deviation, development...he is a drawing artist who draws and weaves. The drawings, which are completed as a circle composed of a single line, are a kind of pattern, and run on various materials and media, not only on the plane, but also in response to occasional opportunities. He has participated in "VOCA 2005: The Vision of Contemporary Art" (The Ueno Royal Museum, 2005), "MOT Annual 2010:Neo-Ornamentalism from Japanese Contemporary Art" (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2010), "Between the Wavesー What Does it Mean to Have a Museum?, 2023), and others.

  • Architect, film director, contemporary artist, dancer. Born 1964 in Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. Lives and works in Kochi, Japan. He has made more than 160 films since his directorial debut, Tadashii yokubo (1984). Won the Best New Director Award at the Pink Grand Prix for Anata ga suki desu, dai-suki desu (1994, produced by ENK Promotion) and the NETPAC Prize at the 45th International Film Festival Berlin for HEAVEN-6-BOX (1995, produced by the Museum of Art, Kochi).

    In addition to showing his works at various art museums and galleries, he is also active as a DJ and stage director. He has participated in the Kochi Yosakoi Festival for 20 consecutive years as the leader of Team M-I.

  • Katsuhiko Ono

    Producer, University of Creativity (UoC). Born 1969 in Nagasaki, Japan. After graduating from Kyoto University with a degree in economics, he joined Hakuhodo in 1994. After working in sales, he moved to new business development in 2010. Involved in M&A operations at the Corporate Planning Department and was transferred to a company that became a group company as Executive Vice President, and has been working at the Business Development Department since 2018. Concurrently serving as UoC Producer from 2022.

  • Bruce Osborn

    Bruce Osborn / Photographer Bruce is a commercial photographer originally from Los Angeles. Following the success of his "LA Fantasies" exhibition at Konishiroku Photo Gallery, he decided to relocate to Tokyo in 1980. In addition to taking photos and movies, Bruce created "MAGNET" and "NAMA" social actions introducing art and technology to Japanese youth. He is also the originator and creative force behind "OYAKO DAY" an ongoing project on the parent and child bond. His most recent endeavor is "NATURE CALLS" and is focused on the environment. Bruce has won numerous awards and recognition including the International Photography Awards and the Higashikuni Nomiya Cultural Award.