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Susumu Namikawa, Miku Sega and others, "Not Lost Tokyo"



Tokyo Biennale 2023 Illustrated Map

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A large illustration map of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, which appeared in the morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun in Tokyo on 6 October, is now also available on this website. Please use Google Maps to find your way around.


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This Week's Pick up


1. The 2023 Edition of “Central East Tokyo” Opens! Art and Design Transform the City

Central East Tokyo (CET) was an art, design, and architecture event that emerged in the hollowed-out east area of Tokyo in the 2010s. Inheriting its alternative ideas and guerrilla spirit to take advantage of its location, CET will be restarted in the current Yokoyama-cho neighborhood, commonly known as "Sankaku (triangle) Wholesale Town." Artists will present their works by reading the characteristics and possibilities of the place. Following Naoki Sato, whose work is currently on display at the Etoile Kaito Living Center, fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura, artist Muneteru Ujino, Asao Tokolo, who also created the Tokyo Olympics 2020 emblem, and a new generation of creators will simultaneously and multiplyly 20 exhibits. There will also be related workshops, live performances, and a CET Director's Talk that will once again bring together CET's founding members, such as novelist Maha Harada, who is currently active as a novelist.



Installation view of "Not Lost Tokyo" by Susumu Namikawa, Miku Sega and others at Ginza Shochiku Square.

2. Connecting the Past and Future With Sound, Agriculture, AR, Etc.: Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi, Ginza Area

Nihonbashi, the commercial and cultural center of the Edo Shogunate, is the seat of the Edo Shogunate. Mixed in with the skyscrapers, colorful scenery is created by long-established stores that retain their old-fashioned atmosphere. In "MSCTY: Weaving the Nihonbashi Area with Sound," visitors will experience "soundscapes" created by sound artists inspired by the activities of these stores while touring these long-established stores. On the 2nd floor of the "Grand Roof," the distinctive large roof over the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station, and elsewhere, "TOKYO ART FARM" is currently underway, exploring the future of art, agriculture, and food culture. Toward the end of the Triennial, workshops and performances will also be held. At the Ginza Shochiku Square Building and other locations, please experience "Not Lost Tokyo" by Susumu Namikawa, Miku Sega, and others, which considers the future by "sampling" and "specimenizing" Tokyo with words, photographs, 3D data, and more.



3. This Weekend! 10,000 Miniature Boats Will Float on Nihonbashi River

Another can't-miss event in the Nihonbashi area is the "TENMASEN Project 2023/Nihonbashi River," which will finally be held on Sunday, October 29. Please come and see the sight of 10,000 small boats floating in Tokyo by the river. Those who participate in the time trial are encouraged to support the miniature boats they have named! The day of the event will be streamed live online and also live streamed on outdoor visions at five locations in Tokyo.



Toeizan Kan'ei-ji

Join Us! Featured Tours and Talks


This week's Exhibitions

My-Linh Le's Cypher has been added to the exhibition at the Etoile Kaito Living Building. This video work is based on the open space where dancers and DJs gathered at Tokyo Dome City. Note the contrast with Cypher II by the artist at Toeizan Kan'ei-ji Temple. Please check the opening times and closing days of each venue before visiting.

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Lots of Attractive Events!

Of the following programs, talk events and workshops/tours are generally conducted in Japanese, except where there is a note about the corresponding language.

2023.10.23 (Mon)
Songs of Tokyo | Ken Yokoyama at Club TodoClub Todo (Ginza)18:00–19:00


2023.10.25 (Wed)
Songs of Tokyo | Miki Hirayama at Moire Hotel YoshiwaraMoire Hotel Yoshiwara19:00–20:00


2023.10.27 (Fri)
TOKYO ART FARM | Tokyo Vegetable Tea PartyKITCHEN STUDIO SUIBA17:30/18:30/19:30
(2 guests 3 times/day)


Songs of Tokyo | Strange Reitaro at Tsuki no HanareTsuki no Hanare (Ginza)19:00–20:00


2023.10.28 (Sat)
Slow Art Collective Tokyo | Marunouchi Pop-up: Mobile Slow Art Collective TokyoIn front of Nijubashi Bldg., Marunouchi Naka-dori UrbanTerrace12:30–15:30Free
Slow Art Collective Tokyo | Workshop: Geometric Challenge (Tutor:TOMAKI)In front of Nijubashi Bldg., Marunouchi Naka-dori UrbanTerrace12:30–15:30Free
IMM Tokyo Open Call Exhibition | Tour of Artworks, the Local Area, Dierent Cultures, and linkages in TokyoTBD1st: 10:00–12:00
2nd: 14:00–16:00

Weaving the Nihonbashi Area with Sound | MSCTY x Nihonbashi - Sound Weave Tour

*Guided in Japanese (tour in English on 10.14).

Meet at MSCTY Center


Weaving the Nihonbashi Area with Sound | MSCTY Radio Tokyo

Broadcast from MSCTY Center

Kanda Area Tour with Masato Nakamura (TB2023 General Director)Meet at JR East Akihabara to Okachimachi Underpass16:00–18:00


Talk+Discussion: To what extent can plastics be recycled? (Super Sorted Garbage Bins 2023 Project)Etoile Kaito Living Bldg.17:00-19:00Free
TOKYO ART FARM | Tokyo Vegetable Tea PartyKITCHEN STUDIO SUIBA17:30/18:30/19:30
(2 guests 3 times/day)


Songs of Tokyo | Aya Mito at Kaeru Tachi Kaeru Tachi (Ginza)17:30–18:15¥3,300
Songs of Tokyo | Naruyoshi Kikuchi at Club TodoClub Todo (Ginza)18:00–19:00¥8,800
2023.10.29 (Sun)
TENMASEN Project 2023/Nihonbashi River | 10,000 boats Time Trial

Start: Under Tokiwa Bridge
Goal: In front of Nihonbashi Bridge

*Live streaming will be available on the day.


Free (Time trial entry ¥1,000/ boat)

Relations: A Project of Critique and Media Practice | Symposium





Guidebook with Special Passport/Tickets Are Available

Many of the programs at Tokyo Biennale 2023 can be experienced free of charge, but some programs, such as the special viewing venues, require a fee due to their location and content. This guidebook comes with a special passport (special edition only) or a choice of tickets (standard edition only) for admission to these fee-paying venues, and also includes discount coupons for fee-paying events and merchandise purchases. The guidebook is also packed full of useful information, from information on the main programs with maps of all areas to recommended routes. We hope you enjoy the Festival with it.