• Aiko Yamamoto

    Using natural materials such as silk cloth, cocoon threads, and natural dyes, as well as waste materials, she produces works on the theme of the indigenous nature of things and the place of memory. In addition to conducting field research and residencies mainly in Asia, she also works daily to produce dyes from plants he grows in his fields and from wild plants that inhabit his living area.

  • Ryo Yamamoto

    Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science in 2016. He studied abroad in Instituto Superior Técnico in 2017 and the Tokyo University of Science Master's degree in 2018. After working for Schemata Architects, he founded in Spicy Architects 2020.

  • Akiko Yamazaki
  • Artist. Born1987 in Kanagawa. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School in 2015 and began showing his work. Combining various motifs, he creates works with an absurd view of the world. Major exhibitions include "In Looking for the Fourth Dimension: woth Works of Salvador Dali and Contemporary Art" (Morohashi Museum of Modern Art, Fukushima, 2019), solo exhibition "INSIDE AND OUT" (Studio 35 minutes, Tokyo, 2022). Received the Tomoko Yabumae Special Jury Prize at "FACE Exhibition 2023" (SOMPO Museum of Art, Tokyo).

  • Artist. Born 1982 in Osaka. Adopts miscommunications, misunderstandings, and mistranslations as key elements, producing works centered around themes of language, translation, and dialogue. Resided and worked in Taiwan by the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists, the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Major exhibitions include "来日" (Dobutsuen-mae 1st Avenue, Osaka, 2022), "de-CONSCIENTIZATION" (Art Center, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, 2021), ”mobile roots” (STOCKWERK, Weimar, 2021), “In Teleland” (Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, 2020) and "DELIKADO PELIGROSO" (MATADERO MADRID, Madrid, 2017). Also known as a co-founder of TRA-TRAVEL, Osaka.

  • Writer, producer. BA from the Law Department at Gakushuin University. Her writing works are: Onna Hitori Sushi [if a woman goes to hi-end sushi restaurant alone?] (Gentosha), Club Culture! (Mainichi Shimbun Publishing), Joso Suru Onna [a woman disguised as a woman] (Shinchosha), Yosoji Goe! [over at the age of forty!] (Kadokawa), and a collection of dialogue with Chizuko Ueno Kairaku Joto! 3.11 Iko No Ikikata [enjoy the pleasure: life after 3.11] (Gentosha). Also Bunka-kei Joshi Toiu Ikikata [living as a culture-loving woman] (Daiwa Shobo), Otoko Wo Kojiraseru Mae Ni [before you get your masculinity complicated] (Kadokawa), and others. The organizer of “Bijin Sushi,” a performance in which she herself makes sushi, and “Baku-Cla” (explosive sonic classics), serial events which propose a new way to listen to classical music. In 2016, she launched a fashion brand OJOU on the Shop Channels TV. Lecturer in the Department of Literature, Faculty of Arts, Nihon University, and Tokyo Kasei University. Hou 71 director. Her father is Akira Yuyama, a classical music composer.