[This Week's TB2023] Open Meeting by "Slow Art Collective Tokyo," Workshops of "Super Sorted Garbage Bins 2023"

This Week's Pick Up

Super Sorted Garbage Bins 2023 | Love Plastic Workshop
Super Sorted Garbage Bins 2023 | Workshop for Kids "Let's Make Plastic a Science with the Senses!"

Super Sorted Garbage Bins 2023 is a project to think together with media artist Masaki Fujihata and participants about trash in our modern life, especially plastic trash, the separation and recycling of which is very important. "Love = Plastic Workshop" is part of this project, a fun and in-depth opportunity to learn about the plastics we use without thinking about it. For kids, a special program "Let's Make Plastic a Science with the Senses!” is also held.


"Slow Art Collective Tokyo" Starts Up! | Tokyo⇄Melbourne Open Pre-meeting

Based in Melbourne, the Slow Art Collective's art projects focus on sustainability and multicultural coexistence and embrace public participation by using natural materials like bamboo, rope, and materials found in the city. They create "slow art" as a "device for making connections," a way for diverse people to share and exchange culture instead of fast, monetary exchanges. In “Slow Art Collective Tokyo,” the artists plan to create an art hub open space in Otemachi area where everyone can participate. They will collaborate with people who join them to create a large-scale installation, aiming to build connections through the process.




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