• Noah Latif Lamp

    Born 1991 in Suriname. Conceptual artist working in sculpture, painting, and performance. His works, which are often shocking and extreme in their expression, such as branding his own body, show elements extracted from contemporary daily events, reduced to art, to make people aware of “the beginning and the end of humanity” and to trigger them to take action.

  • Rikard Larsson

    Swedish poet and writer with an inclination for the odd an unexpected in a philosophical sense. During 2023 he has teamed up with contemporary Finnish/Swedish artist Henry Grahn Hermunen for the ongoing art-project “Perspectives Lyriques”.

  • Lee Supin
    Digital creator. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Creative Innovation in 2023. She uses her major in digital design to create ideas for services and experiences that people can enjoy, such as UI/UX design and interaction design.
  • Dancer, choreographer, and artist. Originally from San Jose, California, Le began dancing San Jose style as a teenager and was a member of a street dance group that competed in dance battles. According to Le, dance is a method of research, a way to relate and connect, and a means of recovery. She has also worked in choreography, winning a Gerbode Foundation Special Award for Choreography for her work for Mud Water Theatre, an Oakland turf dance group in 2021. She also wrote and directed the same dance video work.

  • Founder and Creative Director, MSCTY. Since 1987, he has worked as a DJ, producer and engineer for the BBC. He has also worked as a radio producer on several programs. He has also worked as a music director and is currently an A&R consultant and project consultant for a British record label. He also does field recording himself and has released many works. In 2010, he co-founded Musicity (MSCTY) to produce unique experiences that fuse music, sound art, and architecture. Photo by Sam King