[This week's featured topics] Not Lost Tokyo and TOKYO ART FARM have launched participatory projects!

This Week's Pick Up

Not Lost Tokyo | Workshop "Collecting Tokyo and Creating Specimens "

In "Not Lost Tokyo", buildings, landscapes, objects, and things in Tokyo, collected from many people, will be "specimen" in various forms of 3D data, photographs, words, etc., and exhibited. For the project, this workshop invites you to participate in the creation of these works of art. The words specimens created in the workshop will be exhibited during the fall period of the Tokyo Biennale 2023, which will begin on September 23.


Tokyo Art Farm | Carry-on Cases and Suitcases Are Wanted for MOBILE FARM!

"Tokyo Art Farm" is a farm x art experience in Tokyo based on “circulation through co-creation” with diverse citizens, producers, chefs, and artists. Based on the “design of relationship” of permaculture, about 150 years have passed since the Edo period, known as a recycling-oriented society. One of thier activities, "MOBILE FARM," is an attempt to grow vegetables by filling unwanted carrycases and suitcases with soil. Therefore, the project is looking for people who are willing to bring their own carry-on cases or suitcases.




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