Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021

All projects are in the making towards the Tokyo Biennale of 2020. We will continue to post updates on the process of projects being created in order to share with you the founding of new frameworks and structures.

Directors' Projects

From art to architecture, design, fashion, technology, and more, directors driving various fields will produce cross-disciplinary contents.

Joint Representatives Curation

Curate exhibitions and projects in the middle of the city involving artists from all around the world and across Japan

Projects to Build International Spaces for Critique & Critic Training

Hold discussion and study based on international perspectives, involving not only art criticism, but the critical standpoint of experts in diverse fields. The critiques presented will be transmitted through the Internet and part of a newly constructed media space for critical thinking.

Projects to Improve Disaster Response

In order to prepare for large-scale disasters, it is necessary to build social capital (relationships based on trust and face-to-face interaction). The process of actualizing this project will give rise to relationships between citizens that have not yet been formed. In turn, these new connections will improve disaster response by citizens in critical situations that cannot be prepared for with standard disaster drills.

Projects Utilizing Schools

Collaborate on international curation with cultural institutions such as overseas art centers, to develop projects utilizing the facilities of elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as universities.
This will result in cultural programs that make use of unique localities built through connecting each project director and local citizens of the school areas.

Projects to Build Academic Community

Develop practical and collaborative educational programming through projects as educational material that builds student networks beyond the university stystem and moreover, nurture teams of students.

Cooperative Projects/Local Citizen Projects

Collaborate with industries and groups in the area, and carry out publicizing and support of local citizens’ cultural projects